Frequently Asked Questions

A bottle of RESPIT Injectable contains a 10-20 week supply for most dogs at the usual dosing. For small dogs and cats, the bottle will last 20 or more weeks, depending upon the chosen dose. The RESPIT Oromucosal spray will last 14 – 42 weeks, depending on body size and dose.

Most patients receive RESPIT for 3-4 years. The dosing frequency of RESPIT Injectable is often
reduced after 1 year or when a clear response is noted. Oromucosal RESPIT is usually maintained daily.

RESPIT Injectable is given by subcutaneous injection, beginning with a weekly dose. RESPIT Oromucosal Spray is squirted into the cheek once daily from a pediatric dispenser.

Your veterinarian can visit for more information. You may submit a request for us to mail RESPIT information to them on your behalf on the Pet Parent Resources page.

Hospital pricing is available on this website once “membership” is established by a licensed veterinarian.

No, RESPIT is a prescription product available for shipment to licensed veterinarians.

No, RESPIT is only available in the U.S.A.

Yes, RESPIT has been used successfully to treat feline atopic syndrome and asthma.

While there is no studies comparing different formulations head-to-head in pets, the consensus is that injectable and oral immunotherapy have similar efficacies.

A retrospective study of RESPIT Injectable effectiveness found that about 60% of dogs had a good or excellent response, similar to what has been reported for customized immunotherapy based on intradermal testing.