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Soothing collar

Aromacalm® is dedicated to dogs and cats prone to stress and stress-associated skin disorders. This collar helps calm pets while soothing and hydrating their skin.

✔ Changes of environment (moving, adoption, cohabitation, separation, etc.)
✔ Occasional situations (traveling, vet consults, excessive noise, etc.)

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The benefits

Based on phytotherapy and aromatherapy, Aromacalm® offers a double action, bringing tranquility and serenity to the animal, while soothing and hydrating the skin.

The patented technology of Aromacalm® enables a continuous and constant diffusion of the ingredients during 1 month.
A specific safety quick-release system specifically designed for cats will allow the Aromacalm® collar to enlarge and break in case of important tension.

When is it suitable?

Aromacalm® is also recommended for dogs and cats with symptoms of stress which might lead to the appearance or the exacerbation of skin disorders.

Examples: moving, adoption of a new pet, birth of a newborn, separation, transportation, vet visits, excessive noises.

What does it contain?

  • Hydrating hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), essential to pets' skin but which they are unable to synthesize by themselves.
  • Soothing essential oils of lavandin and white wormwood.

Directions for use

Unroll the collar, fix it around the neck, adjust it and cut off the excess length.

Remove before each bath.
Renew the collar every 4 weeks.

For pets with a highly sensitive sense of smell, it is recommended to leave the collar in open air 24h after opening the packet before placing it on the neck of the animal. Pet parents can place it near the sleeping area of their pet in order to get their dog or cat accustomed to the smell.

Vet's opinion

Aromatherapy is a particularly interesting approach for owners reluctant to use oral medication or synthetic pheromones.

The Aromacalm®collar is recommended by both dermatology and behavioral veterinarians:

  • "The Aromacalm® collar can be considered for cats with excessive self-licking, and for which parasitic/allergic diseases have been excluded. The same applies to dogs with wounds due to licking, in association with itch management" 
    Professor Marie-Christine Cadiergues, specialist in veterinary dermatology
  • "Many situations though trivial to owners, can be stressful to their four-legged friends. In these cases, the Aromacalm® collar formulated with essential oils and essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6), can be useful." 
    Dr Christian Diaz, behavioral veterinarian 

Pet parent testimonials

I did not recognize her, her personality had changed so much: nice, more sociable with me and my other cats,she does not scratch nor bite. I can cuddle her even when she is on her back without her growling.

Laetitia F.

My cat Maya was very stressed so I put the collar on her... it's magic! I am surprised of the efficacy of this collar, congrats! She is not the same cat anymore, she often had behavioral problems and aggressive reactions, she bit me a few times... Now she is very calm, sleeping under my chair while I work and it's so nice! Besides, I like the smell very much.

Clara E.

It had an immediate effect on my cat's stress. Excellent!

Kristel B.