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ATOP 7® MAX hydra

Moisturizing protective mist

ATOP 7® MAX hydra is a natural hydrating mist with a unique pre & probiotic complex for a 2 in 1 action: hydration and balance.

✔ Dry or allergy/atopy-prone skin
✔ Induced skin dryness due to medical treatments or harsh shampoos
✔ Skin dryness due to climate or environmental conditions

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The benefits

ATOP 7® MAX hydra intensely hydrates the skin and protects the skin barrier to preserve long-lasting hydration.

The pre & probiotic complex stimulates the natural defenses of the skin by promoting the development of the skin’s beneficial flora to the detriment of undesirable germs. 

ATOP 7® MAX hydra releases a fine mist that enables an easy and even hand-free application on a large skin surface. There is no need to wipe it off. Its non-greasy, non-sticky texture along with a delicate scent leave a pleasant sensation of well-being.

The recyclable and gas-free bottle of ATOP 7® MAX hydra makes it a long-lasting, cost-effective and environment-friendly choice.

When is it suitable?

  • Dry or allergic/atopic skin: your pet’s skin can be temporarily dry (climatic conditions, after shampoos...) or more permanently in cases of atopy. It is therefore essential to hydrate and repair the skin barrier to improve the comfort of your animal. 
  • Skin dryness induced by treatments: the recurrent use of certain drugs or molecules (chlorhexidine or steroids for example) may dry the skin, which is why it is necessary to counterbalance with rehydrating care.

What does it contain?

  • Hemp seed oil rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), necessary to reinforce pets' skin barrier but that they are unable to synthesize by themselves
  • Hydrating natto gum and plant-based glycerin 
  • Protective red microalgae extract thanks to its ‘second skin’ effect
  • Pre & probiotic complex to help regulate the skin flora thereby stimulating the natural defenses of the skin
  • Bittering essential oil of Petitgrain Bigarade discourages licking while leaving a delicate natural odor

Directions for use

Spray against the direction of hair-growth until the skin is wet, once to twice daily.

The mist effect enables a homogeneous application on a large area.

No need to spread the product with your hands or wipe off.

Its bitter taste discourages animals from licking.

Vet's opinion

Skin dryness, whether chronic or temporary, can be a source of discomfort for your pet. In these cases, rehydrating products are necessary. Among cases of temporary skin dryness, we shall mention iatrogenic dryness, i.e. induced by medical treatments (e.g. chlorhexidine or steroids).

In addition to medicines, appropriate moisturizers such as ATOP 7® MAX hydra may be applied during and after the course of treatments to counterbalance skin dryness and improve comfort.

Atopic skin on the other hand is chronically dry, generally with skin flora imbalances. In addition to moisturizing, it is therefore very useful to stimulate the natural defenses of the skin with, for instance prebiotics and probiotics to promote the development of the beneficial flora to the detriment of undesirable germs. The skin is thus more hydrated and protected.

Pet parent testimonials

My veterinarian prescribed ATOP 7® MAX hydra for my Labrador who has very dry skin all over his body. The mist effect makes it really easy and quick to use. It’s also very efficient hydration-wise. I’m thrilled with the results!

Cécilia N.

ATOP 7® MAX hydra leaves the skin very soft and has an amazing smell. It is so effective! Thank you very much, awesome product!

T. Böhm