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ATOP 7® Mousse

Rinse-free cleansing and soothing foam

ATOP 7® Mousse is a very practical rinse-free cleansing and soothing care for sensitive, dry, or allergy-prone skin.

✔ Itchiness
✔ Irritations
✔ Dry skin

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The benefits

Presented in a non-aerosol pump dispenser bottle, ATOP 7® Mousse removes dirt and allergens from the skin surface without soap and helps reduce irritations and soothe itchiness.

This very practical « dry shampoo » helps support the skin barrier and preserve its hydration.

When is it suitable?

  • Dry, irritated, sensitive skin: a particularly adapted formula and texture for a gentle hygiene.
  • Allergy-prone skin (atopy, allergy to flea bites...): the use of a specific cleanser for itchy pets is essential. It aids in soothing the skin and removes allergens from the skin surface.

What does it contain?

  • Hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), necessary to reinforce pets’ skin barrier but that they are unable to synthesize by themselves
  • Soothing essential oil of lemon tea tree
  • Soothing plant extracts: caper and Candeia tree
  • Natural hydrating agents: PCA and glycerin
  • Cleansing complex without soap based on lipoamino acids of green apple, lichen and saponaria root extracts, to gently and efficiently remove dirt, allergens and bad odors

Directions for use

Twice a week.

Vet's opinion

The use of a specific cleanser with moisturizing, and soothing properties is strongly recommended for allergic pets.

Bathing regularly may sometimes be a hassle for owners, ATOP 7® Mousse offers a practical and effective alternative to space out shampoo frequency. 

ATOP 7® Mousse fully contributes to the management of atopic dogs!

Pet parent testimonials

I love it because I don't have to give my dog a bath as often! It smells very nice, the concept is great, and it is very convenient between baths! And this dry shampoo is formulated with natural and moisturizing ingredients! Perfect for bulldogs with sensitive skin, allergies, etc. It also reduces irritation.


My dog has skin issues, and this dry shampoo is good. It allows me to cleanse my dog while I'm on the road in my RV camper.


Prescribed by my veterinarian. Works very well on my English Bulldog. As soon as I stop using it, her skin allergies (and fungal infections) come back.

Chris A.