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ATOP 7® Spray

Soothing spray

Endowed with a double innovation, ATOP 7® Spray is a patented steroid-free soothing skincare, designed for allergy-prone skin. Thanks to its ultra-thin submicronic texture, it is absorbed rapidly after application and forms a protective «second skin» film.


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The benefits

ATOP 7® Spray helps reduce irritations and soothe itching. This original emulsion also aids in reinforcing the cutaneous barrier and preserving skin hydration.

Its ultra-thin submicronic texture enables a rapid absorption and helps relieve distressed skin quickly.
ATOP 7® Spray forms an invisible and non-occlusive protective film with a «second skin» effect for a long-lasting action.

When is it suitable?

  • Can be useful in mild or moderate cases and is perfectly adapted whensteroid-therapy is counter-indicated.
  • An excellent choice as adjunctive care to help limit excessive medication and thus reduce potential side effects (thinning of the skin, dryness…).

What does it contain?

  • Hydrating hemp and neem seed oils, rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), essential to your pet patients but which they are unable to synthesize by themselves.
  • Soothing extracts of Candeia, rice and caper flower buds
  • Hydrating extracts of reed and Poria cocos, and PCA
  • Purifying synergy of essential oils of cajeput and tea tree
  • Protective polysaccharide of vegetable origin allowing to form an invisible film against external aggressions.

Directions for use

Shake the bottle before use. Spray directly on the skin, once to several times a day as needed. For pets reluctant to sprays, apply the product with the help of a cotton pad or gauze.

Vet's opinion

Itching is the #1 reason for patient consultations in veterinary dermatology.

Identifying the cause of this itchiness is crucial in order to prescribe an adapted treatment.

It is simultaneously equally important to offer a comprehensive management program to durably relieve the itchy animal.

For mild or moderate cases, applying a soothing skincare such as ATOP 7® Spray, may be sufficient as first-line treatment. For more severe cases, ATOP 7® Spray can then be a useful complementary skincare.

Pet parent testimonials

We've been using ATOP 7® Spray and ATOP 7® Shampoo for several years on our dog. They really help soothe his allergies to dust mites. We can easily space out bathing frequency by using the spray, and it also helps his skin recover during episodes of severe allergies.


I purchased the product for my bulldog who has many skin problems and i'm very satisfied.


An effective product on occasional skin irritations to help relieve itchiness.