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Dermoscent BIO BALM®

Repairing and protective balm

Thanks to its organic-certified ingredients, this water-resistant balm nourishes, protects, helps repair, and soothe the skin of dogs.

Dry or damaged nose and pads
Non-infected calluses
Interdigital areas

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The benefits

The nourishing formula of Dermoscent BIO BALM® is specifically designed to nourish and promote the repair of dry nose and pads (thickened, rough, cracking skin). It also helps in soothing interdigital irritations.

Based on organic-certified ingredients, this balm helps reduce non-infected calluses (pressure point calluses of elbows).

Thanks to its water-resistant texture, this nourishing skincare protects pads under all circumstances (sport activities, snow…)

When is it suitable?

The paw pads of your pets are naturally resistant but can be considerably strained by certain situations:

  • Hyperkeratosis: thickening, hardening, cracking of nose and pads.
  • Pressure point calluses: blue-grey round wound, hairless, which can crack and become infected.
  • Active or sporty dogs: paws might suffer from overheats and small cuts during long walks, canicross, agility or sled dog races.
  • In the winter, snow can be stuck in interdigital areas and form small yet harsh ice clumps that lead to localized inflammation (redness). Frost promotes the formation of pad cracks, which can be deep and painful leading sometimes to lameness.
  • In the summer, with high temperatures outdoors, your animals may damage their pads when in contact with burningly hot asphalt or sand.

What does it contain?

  • Hydrating and emollient soybean oil from responsible farming*
  • Soothing and purifying essential oil of cajeput
  • Soothing allantoin 

*Grown in Europe, organic-certified and GMO-free

Directions for use


For dry nose and pads, non-infected calluses: once or several times a day

For paw care: before and after each outing 

Vet's opinion

In order to manage hyperkeratosis and improve comfort and appearance, applying topical moisturizing and emollient skincare to soften the epidermis is recommended. Dermoscent BIO BALM® can be recommended as a long-term solution to participate in the management of hyperkeratosis.

Calluses may increase very quickly in size and topical cares are recommended in order to contain them and help reduce their size while helping to prevent infections. Dry tissue should be softened with deeply moisturizing products. Dermoscent BIO BALM® is effective and safe in cases of non-infected calluses in dogs. 

Pet parent testimonials

I have two dogs who get ice balls (balls of snow under the paws that freeze and are very irritating) all the time; but ever since I started applying Dermoscent BIO BALM®, they haven't gotten them anymore.

Amandine B.

My dog had a very dry, cracked nose. At first I didn't believe it would work. But in just a few days, her nose is all smooth and "repaired." Great product; don’t hesitate!


This product is fantastic! We have tried several other products previously without any success for our Labrador’s nasal hyperkeratosis. We ended up seeing a veterinary dermatologist who recommended this balm. We noticed a difference from the very first application.