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Dermoscent BIO BALM® for horses

Repairing and protective balm

Thanks to its organic-certified ingredients, this water-resistant balm nourishes, protects and helps soothe the skin of horses.

Dry, thickened skin
Areas of friction
✔ Muddy conditions (cannons, pasterns)

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The benefits

The nourishing and water-resistant formula of Dermoscent BIO BALM® for horses, based on organic-certified ingredients, is specifically designed to reduce skin dryness and other thickened zones.

It protects and helps soothe areas prone to friction or weakened by muddy conditions (cannons, pasterns).

When is it suitable?

  • Areas prone to friction (harness area…): before and after every exercise especially during periods of intensive training (races etc.)
  • Muddy conditions: Thanks to its occlusive properties Dermoscent BIO BALM® for horses provides a protective barrier against the damaging effects of a wet and muddy environment. 

What does it contain?

  • Hydrating and emollient soybean oil from responsible farming*
  • Soothing and purifying essential oil of cajeput
  • Soothing allantoin

Directions for use

Apply a thin layer on clean and dry skin. Do not cover or bandage.

  • Once to twice a day on dry/thickened areas.
  • Once to twice a week on friction-prone areas or areas weakened by muddy conditions.

Vet's opinion

The term "mud fever" is a generic term used to describe lower limb skin conditions in horses. Several ailments are concerned:

• Cracks
• Fungal infections
• Chorioptic mange
• Sensitization reactions on hairless areas or socks
• True mud fever, or dermatophilosis, which is a bacterial infection observed mainly in wetlands.

The nourishing formula of Dermoscent BIO BALM® aids in repairing uninfected cracks. Its occlusive properties also help protect the limbs during prolonged periods in wet fields. This balm is also effective in certain cases of "mud fever."

Owner testimonials

My horse lives in the field. I applied Dermoscent BIO BALM® at the first signs of mud fever. The crusts quickly disappeared and the product provided the promised protection to my horse. Its greasy texture spreads easily. There is no need to use much to protect the limbs.

Caroline B-B.