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Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo

Sebo-regulating shampoo

Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo is a sebo-regulating shampoo that provides an efficient solution to skin disorders:

Bad odors
Dull coat
✔ Oily skin and coat

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The benefits

Thanks to its soap-free formula rich in in active ingredients of 100% natural origin, Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo gently cleanses, eliminates dandruff and bad odors, improves coat shine and rebalances the skin. Moreover, it moisturizes and helps reinforce the skin barrier.

When is it suitable?

Animals prone to bad odors, dandruff, dull coat and oily skin and coat…

What does it contain?

  • Hydrating hemp seed oil rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), essential to your pet patients but which they are unable to synthesize by themselves.
  • Sebo-regulating, anti-dandruff and soothing synergy of essential oils composed of rosemary, lavandin, clove, tea tree, ravintsara, peppermint, cedar, turmeric, oregano, gaultheria and niaouli
  • Soap-free cleansing complex from lipoamino acids of green apples to gently and effectively remove dirt and bad odors.

Directions for use

Once to several times a week.

Vet's opinion

The pH of animals’ skin is different from that of humans. It is therefore essential to use animal-specific products instead of choosing a product intended for humans, or even babies, which are not suitable and could damage your pet patient’s skin. 

In the case of kerato-seborrheic conditions (dandruff, excessively oily or dry fur, bad odor, etc.), Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo is a formula of choice as it contains a synergy of essential oils with sebo-regulating and anti-dandruff properties. Moreover, these natural and effective ingredients neutralize bad odors rather than masking them with artificial fragrances.

Essential 6® Sebo Shampoo is ideal to get rid of dandruff, a dull and greasy coat and bad odors!

Pet parent testimonials

It smells good and lathers well, which cleanses properly. It rinses easily and leaves the fur shiny! A small packet lasted two baths. Given the quality and the natural formula of the product, I will have no problem washing my dogs regularly!


Good shampoo, especially if your dog’s skin gives off a bad odor.


Good shampoo, used for both small and large dogs. Pleasant scent, soft and very shiny fur. Very satisfied with the product