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Essential Oto®

Physiological ear cleanser

Essential Oto® is a physiological cleanser specifically designed for the regular hygiene of your pet patient’s ears with a practical twist-off service cap. 

✔ Excess earwax
✔ Earwax plugs
✔ Bad odors

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The benefits

Based on active ingredients of 100% natural origin, it helps eliminate excessive earwax and debris while deodorizing ear canals. It also has a hydrating and soothing action.
Thanks to its alcohol-free formula and its mild ceruminolytic agents, Essential Oto® is perfectly adapted to the maintenance of healthy ears even the most sensitive.

Its use is facilitated thanks to a twist-off service cap allowing a single-handed opening. Its transparent bottle enables to check the integrity of the formula throughout the product's lifespan.

When is it suitable?

• Dirty ears: excess earwax, cellular debris, …
• Bad odors
• Breeds predisposed to auricular disorders with hairy ears (Poodle…), floppy ears
(Cocker Spaniel, Setter, lop rabbit…), narrow ear canals (Shar-pei…)

What does it contain?

• Hydrating hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), essential to your pet patients but which they are unable to synthesize by themselves.
• Deodorizing essential oil of niaouli and lichen extract
• Soothing pumpkin seed extract
• Soap-free cleansing complex from lipoamino acids of green apple, and saponaria root to gently and effectively eliminate dirt and bad odors.

Directions for use

Once to twice a week depending upon ear canal dirtiness.
Remember to disinfect the nozzle after each application.

Vet's opinion

It is recommended to regularly inspect an animal’s ears for any abnormalities and to get them used to auricular care at an early age. Thanks to its natural gentle formula, Essential Oto® is the ideal cleanser to care for the ears of dogs, cats or rabbits—even the most sensitive.

Pet parent testimonials

It is an effective product that helps care for our dog's ears. Easy to use and the ears are less dirty afterwards.

Sophie M.

I liked the packaging for its transparency. The twist-off tip is very easy to use. We’ve tried this ear cleanser on Oliver many times. Its smell is minty. The solution does not get all over the place and goes directly into the ear. I massage the ear for a few seconds and then I wipe the excess away with a pad. The lotion is effective; Oliver does not have dirty ears. The solution does not stain or make the fur greasy or dry.


I use Essential Oto® once every 15 days. His ears are relatively clean, so I use this this product as a preventative measure.

Louis D.