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Food supplement

Keravita® is a palatable food supplement for coat vitality and claw strength. Its divisible tablets enable a great ease of use.

✔ Dull coat
✔ Brittle nails
✔ Hair loss

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The benefits

Based on a unique association of active ingredients of natural origin: botanical constituents of keratin, bamboo and vitamins, Keravita® restores shine and vitality to the coat of dogs and cats, helps reinforce the claws and reduce hair loss.

Thanks to its palatable and chewable tablets with a designed divisibility, Keravita® is very easy to use.

When is it suitable?

  • Molting periods, or throughout the year: for animals weakened by tough environmental conditions (atmosphere with high temperatures, stress, etc.)
  • Gestation/lactation periods: to help restore the quality of damaged, devitalized coat and claws.
  • Ideal to prepare for competitions and shows
  • Excessive shedding or damaged hair: nutritional imbalance, skin disorders with consequences on the quality of the coat ...

What does it contain?

Dicalcium phosphate; palatable: poultry by-product, yeast, sugar; brewer’s yeast; zinc gluconate; tricalcium phosphate; linseed oil; magnesium stearate; protein hydrolysate; wheat hydrolysate; maltodextrin; bamboo extract 0.370% (5.00mg); millet extract.

• Additives: Preservatives, antioxidants, flavors

• Technological additives: microcrystalline cellulose, silica

• Amino acids: L-cystine, DL-methionine

• Vitamins: Vitamin E, Vitamin B8, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6

Analytical constituents (in %)/ tablet

• Moisture 4.6%
• Crude protein 21.6%
• Vitamin B3 5.80 mg
• Vitamin B5 1.25 mg
• Vitamin B6 0.85 mg
• Vitamin B8 0.08 mg

Directions for use

One tablet per day according to the recommended use based on the animal's weight:

  • 0-10 kg (0-22 lbs): ½ tablet per day
  • 10-20 kg (22-45 lbs): 1 tablet per day
  • 20-40 kg (45-90 lbs): 2 tablets per day

To achieve an optimal result, it is recommended to use Keravita® continuously and regularly. The tablets can be given separately or crushed then mixed with the food.

Vet's opinion

The effectiveness of Keravita® has been proven through a veterinary study on 14 sled dogs, monitored for 14 months in collaboration with Jean-Philippe Pontier, one of the leading French mushers and the winner of numerous international titles, including "La Grande Odyssée."

Keravita® is administered once a day for 3 months.

Improvement of all criteria:

  • Coat shine: +33%
  • General coat condition: +41%
  • Claw strength: +30%
  • Claw growth: +38%
  • Hair loss decrease: +50%

Pet parent testimonials

A big fan of Keravita®. I use it on my own dog who had weak claws. He now hasn’t broken one for a year.

Maëva M.

This product works very well. It is as useful for the fur as it is for strengthening the claws, making it perfect for dogs with brittle claws. My dog has broken a claw at least 6 times—no exaggeration! Our vet recommended we give him Keravita® and we saw the results: his claws are thicker and no longer break. Very satisfied.


Keravita® limits hair loss and gives my pet a shiny, silky, fresh-from the groomer coat.

Franck C.