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PYOclean® Oto

Purifying ear cleanser

PYOclean® Oto is a purifying care specially developed to cleanse the ear canals of animals prone to recurrent otitis externa. Its practical & hygienic presentation in single-doses helps limit cross-contamination between ears.

✔ Red ears, itchiness
✔ Abnormally tilted head
✔ Unusual ear discharge
✔ Unpleasant odors

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The benefits

Thanks to its ingredients of natural origin, PYOclean® Oto cleansing care facilitates the gentle removal of earwax, debris and bad odors. It soothes, purifies and regulates the flora of the ears, even the most sensitive. 

Packed in single-doses, it allows a precise and sufficient dosage and limits contamination from one ear to the other.

When is it suitable?

  • • Breeds predisposed to otitis externa: hair in the ears (Poodle…), narrow ear canals (Shar-pei…), floppy ears (Cocker Spaniel, Setter, lop rabbit…).
  • Allergic animals (atopy, food allergy): otitis is one of the first visible clinical signs when these diseases appear.

What does it contain?

  • Innovative purifying and soothing complex combining propolis and honey with essential oil of red myrtle as well as N-acetylcysteine, which helps fight biofilm formation (of bacteria and yeasts), likely to promote antibiotic resistance and otitis relapses.
  • Soap-free cleansing agent, which contains lipoamino acids of green apple, to gently and effectively eliminate dirt and bad odors.

Directions for use

During otitis externa: apply PYOclean® Oto once a day before the application of the medical treatment to cleanse and prepare the ear canal.

For regular use to limit relapses: once a week for 1 month then once every 2 weeks for as long as necessary.

Vet's opinion

Managing otitis externa requires a local treatment.

Thanks to its natural ingredients endowed with cerumenolytic, purifying, antibiofilm and soothing properties, as well as its single-dose format, PYOclean® Oto is the cleanser of choice to apply in cases of otitis externa.

“Good results with the PYOclean® Oto cleanser. We had many dogs with recurrent ear problems due to lack of hygiene. The owners to whom we prescribed this purifying cleansing care saw a decrease in ear-related vet consultations. "
Dr Théo N., French Vet School

Pet parent testimonials

PYOclean® Oto is really top of the line. From the first use, I was satisfied. I talked about it to a lot of people and many are amazed with the effectiveness. Moreover, it’s a natural ear care. The smell is pleasant and does not bother my ferrets.

Mme Regret

My dog is prone to Malassezia otitis. I do not want to use chemical cleansers in his ears, so my veterinarian prescribed this natural product. It really helped.

Michaela M.

Very convenient because it is one dose for one ear. Fluid product that's not milky. Very effective.