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RESPIT Region 5, Oromucosal Spray

1 - 30 ml bottle for oromucosal spray administration. Contains 22 important allergens of Texas and Oklahoma. Each bottle contains a 100-300 day supply for most pets. The recommended dose is 1-3 squirts once daily. For veterinary use only.
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Rye, Perennial

Marsh Elder, Rough
Plantain, English
Ragweed, Western

Housedust mites

Box Elder
Cedar, Red

Alternaria alternata
Cladosporium herbatum

Recommended Dosing Schedule

Patient Weight
Days supplied per 30 ml bottle
Patient Weight: Less than 10 kg (22 lbs)
Dose: 1-2 squirts once daily
Days supplied per 30 ml bottle: 150-300
Patient Weight: Greater than 10 kg (22 lbs)
Dose: 3 squirts once daily
Days supplied per 30 ml bottle: 100

RESPIT Oromucosal Spray allergenic extract is given by spraying in the oral cavity, between the cheek and gums. Withhold food and water and observe the pet for 30 minutes following dosing.

The suggested dose of RESPIT Oromucosal Spray is based on body weight. Each “squirt” (a full depression of the spray cap) delivers 0.1 ml of the allergen extract. A gradual build-up of the dose, as is recommended for RESPIT Injectable, is usually not necessary. As a precaution, the first dose may be administered under veterinary supervision. For animals with distinctly seasonal signs, beginning therapy 2-3 months prior to the allergy season may prove beneficial. Daily treatment for 3-4 years may result in long-term benefits after discontinuation, based on data in humans.

Before using RESPIT Oromucosal Spray for the first time, attach the spray nozzle then fully depress the sprayer 1-2 times over a sink to prime the pump. Refrigeration is recommended. The maintenance dose should stimulate a positive change in the animal’s immune system but not cause exacerbation of clinical signs. Each pet’s ideal dose should be determined during the course of therapy by observing the degree of hypersensitivity they display, if any.

In recent years there has been a shift in human medicine away from administering allergens by subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) in favor of sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). Many studies have found SLIT to be similarly effective and safer than SCIT. One of the primary functions of the mucosal immune system is to develop tolerance of foreign proteins that we (or our pets) ingest. The sublingual and buccal mucosa provide access to the privileged immune system of the oral cavity to induce environmental allergen tolerance.

RESPIT Oromucosal Spray combines SkinVet’s practical approach to immunotherapy formulation with the advantages of SLIT into a unique product to better serve your patients and clients.

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