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High-protecting SPF30+ & hydrating sun care

SunFREE SPF30+ is the 1st high protection hydrating sun care with mineral sunscreens for animals.

✔ Light-colored coats
✔ Sensitive areas with reduced pilosity
✔ Photo-aggravated diseases
✔ Scars

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The benefits

Thanks to its reflective mineral sunscreens, SunFREE SPF30+ efficiently protects the sensitive skin of dogs and cats against UVA and UVB, while hydrating it.

SunFREE SPF30+ is easy to use thanks to its non-greasy and non-sticky texture.

When is it suitable?

  • White a light-colored coats
  • Sensitive areas: nose, ears, abdomen
  • Photo-aggravated diseases
  • Hairless animals
  • Scars

What does it contain?

  • Protective mineral sunscreens against UVA and UVB with a high certified index: SPF30+
  • Hydrating vegetable glycerin
  • Filmogenic candelilla wax to ensure a sustainable hydrating effect

Directions for use

Apply SunFREE SPF30+ on the areas requiring protection before sun exposure. Regularly renew the application (every 2 hours ideally and after swimming) to ensure optimal protection. Cleanse the area after exposure to remove any residue.

Use the product within 12 months after opening. Renew the sunscreen product every year to ensure maximum protection.

Vet's opinion

Thanks to their coat, animals have a natural barrier of protection against the sun, except on hairless areas. Sun protection is an established habit in humans, and should also become one for pets.

The use of an effective, high-tolerance sunscreen specifically designed for animals, such as SunFREE SPF30+, is essential in several cases: animals with a light-colored coat or with unpigmented areas; breeds with little or no fur (Sphynx cats, Mexican hairless dogs, etc.); recently-shaved animals or those suffering from photo-aggravated diseases (lupus, etc.).

The SunFREE SPF30+ high protection index has been confirmed by the Nantes Veterinary School.

Pet parent testimonials

I love him so I protect him! SunFREE sunscreen is not a pointless accessory; it’s a must, just like it is for us humans! Happy sunbathing!


Perfect. I've been using it for years to protect my white cat's ears.

Claude A.

Very good value for money. Easy to use, convenient packaging! Useful for animals with light/sensitive skin.

Anaïs B.